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Q. How can I contact the hotel?
A. All inquiries, bookings can be made via www.azurahotel.vn.

Q. Can I make a hotel booking online?
A. Yes, via our official website at www.azurahotel.vn

Q. Should I book the tours that I like in advance?
A. Yes, it is highly recommended, especially in the peak holiday season to secure best places on board, train, in hotel and its affiliates.

Q. How far from the airport to the hotel?
A. 37 km from Cam Ranh Int’l Airport. It takes 40 minutes by car. We are in the very center of Nha Trang.

Q. How much does it cost for the airport transfer service?
A. The hotel offer private airport pickup service. Please, see the Room & rates pages for quotation.

Q. Is there free internet access in Hotel?
A. Yes, flat monitor PCs with free ADSL in the Lobby or Wifi internet access at all rooms in the Hotel.

Q. Can I leave the luggage at the hotel when I am travelling?
A. Yes, the hotel offers luggage storage service free of charge.

Q. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?
A. A qualified yes. However, exporting an artefact with cultural significance requires an official licence. Without a licence, anything old is liable to be confiscated at the airport.

Q. Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?
A. Yes, plenty in cities and large towns, but not in rural areas. Most large hotels have internet access, and Internet cafes are commonplace and cheap.

Q. Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam?
A. Yes, You can withdraw cash at any ATM in big cities such as: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hoi An, Ha Long, Haiphong, Danang, Nha Trang, Buon Ma Thuot , Vung tau, Can Tho with commission

Q. Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
A. Yes, You can pay by credit card with commission for Visa and Master cards. You can pay at shops and hotels in big cities, commercial centre and tourist sites.

Q. What about travellers’ cheques?
A. You can change into USD or Vietnamese dong with commission from 1%-3% at the banks in big cities. Travellers’ cheques can be used to pay for other tourism services.

Q. Where can I change my currency for local currency?
A. You can change your currency for local currency at the airport, banks, jewellery shops. You should prepare some cash in USD and Euros ( 50- 100 domination) for better exchange rates.

Q. What if I have a lot of local currency left over when I leave?
A. You can change local currency to the currency you brought in only by showing the yellow customs slip that you were given on arrival. The amount must be less than the original.

Q. What is the main difference in the climate of Vietnam and that of my country?
A. Vietnam is both hot and humid. Combined, they make visitors from temperate countries sweat profusely. Drinking plenty of water and good sun protection is essential.

Q. What will happen if there is an emergency in Nha Trang?
A. You should contact directly to the nearest police or tell the reception to assist you.

Q. What if I am hospitalised or become incapacitated?
A. If you have supplied us with the details of your insurance, we will contact the company on your behalf and assist in any way we can.